Ian Hutchison – Halifax Criminal Lawyer

For more than 15 years, Ian Hutchison has been representing people accused of crimes ranging from drug and driving offences, assault and manslaughter, fraud, breaking and entering, and beyond.

Preparation is the key to Ian’s success and his approach to criminal defence. His goal is to get the charges against you dropped or, if the case must go to trial, have a ‘not guilty’ verdict rendered. After all, your future depends on it.

Ian understands that when you’re accused of a crime, your life gets put on hold.  A solid legal defence is your best shot at getting back to life the way it was before all this began. The consequences you may face are never set in stone, and Ian will fight tirelessly on your behalf to avoid or reduce jail time, and to access alternative justice programs that will allow you to move on with your life.

If you or someone you love is accused of a crime, you need an advocate on your side.  Someone who understands the accused’s constitutional rights inside and out. Someone who will vigorously pursue every avenue of defence and have your back each step of the way. Contact Ian today for a consultation about your situation.

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