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Driving Offences

Speeding, failing to obey traffic signs and signals, and parking tickets are encounters with the law that most of us will have at least once in our lives. When you simply pay the fine indicated on your ticket, you are pleading guilty to and being convicted of a summary offence, and this will result in demerit points on your license.

Because most of us rely on our drivers’ licenses so heavily in everyday life, a driving conviction can have a serious impact on everyday life. Successfully disputing a ticket can eliminate or significantly reduce the effects of a conviction.

Demerit points mean higher auto insurance premiums, and if you accumulate too many points, you can lose your license. Matters are also more complicated if you get a ticket while you are already driving under a Conditional License. Even if you don’t have a license at the time you are ticketed, demerit points will stay on your record.

If you’re under 18, traffic tickets are more complicated to deal with, because youth charges are generally accompanied by a summons to appear in court and result in automatic license suspensions. Many offences also have higher demerit point consequences for Newly Licensed drivers under the Graduated Driver License system. and affect your ability to move up in the Graduated Licensing system.

How can a driving offence lawyer help you? While you can try to represent yourself, if you’ve been unfairly ticketed, working with an experienced lawyer is your best course of action. A lawyer can review the ticket and the circumstances and identify aspects of the potential conviction that may be disputed. Having a driving offence defense lawyer on your side will save you time and stress. It’s your best shot at protecting your driving record and your ability to live your everyday life without the the financial and logistical burdens of driving restrictions.

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