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Firearms & Weapons Offences

A firearm or weapon-related offence is a serious charge that has the potential to carry severe penalties, including jail time and a criminal record — which can affect your employment, immigration status, and ability to travel.

Under the Criminal Code and the Firearms Act, these types of charges can involve weapons such as:

  • Guns

  • Knives

  • Crossbows

  • Brass knuckles

  • Tear gas, pepper spray, and bear spray

  • Tasers

Charges can relate to illegally possessing or using a firearm, to threatening to use a weapon, or fashioning a weapon out of other material, such as broken glass.

Other charges can stem from not reporting the loss of a legal firearm, not reporting a found firearm, improperly transporting a firearm, or trafficking.

As with many other criminal charges, a lot lays on the quality of the evidence the prosecution can produce, and whether police performed their search, seizure, and investigation lawfully.

Oftentimes, a successful defence case can be made by demonstrating that your constitutional rights were violated in the search or seizure of the weapon, or during your arrest and interrogation. An knowledgeable firearm and weapon defence lawyer will also analyse your case to see whether any laws or regulations have been incorrectly applied.

Having an experienced and skilled criminal defence lawyer on your side gives you the best chance at avoiding jail time and other consequences.

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