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Immigration Offences


When it comes to second chances, immigrants in Canada don’t get a lot of them. Individuals who are here on on temporary status (as with a business or tourist visa or a work permit) or permanent status (for example, family, educational, business or labour categories) may be accused of various breaches of immigration law by either Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) or the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Charges related to immigration law include:

  • Failing to be physically present in Canada for the minimum number of days (residency non-compliance)

  • Working without government authorization (undocumented employment)

  • Being in the country with forged documents (passports, etc.)

  • Breaching other terms of your visa or work permit or committing an unrelated crime in Canada

If officials believe you have broken Canada’s immigration laws, you may be arrested or detained on an “immigration hold”. If you’re charged with an immigration offence, you may face a departure, exclusion or deportation removal order, which can put your life (not to mention your family’s well-being) in jeopardy or in danger.

The lawyers at Hutchison Law have helped many people in situations like yours. In every case, you have a right to due process — meaning that if officials are saying you have committed an offence, you have the right to a fair investigation along with any applicable hearings and appeals, within a reasonable amount of time.

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