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Theft, Fraud & Financial Crimes

Theft and other financial crimes are some of the most common offences in Canada, and even though there may be no physical harm to others, the consequences of a conviction can still be serious. Some examples of these types of crimes include:

  • Theft under $5000 and theft over $5000 (including shoplifting and motor vehicle theft)

  • Fraud under $5000 or fraud over $5000

  • “White collar crimes” such as tax evasion, Ponzi schemes and money laundering

  • Theft from mail

  • Theft of telecommunication service

  • Identity theft and forgery

When crafting a defence to one of these charges, Hutchison Law will look at the specifics of your case. Have your Charter rights been respected? Can the Crown prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were the person responsible? Did the alleged crime occur at your workplace?  Is this your first encounter with the law, or are you under the age of 18?

All of these factors will affect your case and the possible outcomes. Although the punishment for these types of crimes is often a jail term, Ian may be able to obtain a less severe penalty, such as probation, community service, restorative justice or other alternative sentencing court programs.

If you are under investigation or have been charged with a theft, fraud, or one of the other crimes mentioned above, your best course of action is to call an experienced defence lawyer from Hutchison Law. They can help you protect yourself within the justice system, advocate for the best-case outcomes in verdict and consequences, and advise you of how to manage any long-term effects of the allegations.

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