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Assault is generally defined as the intentional application of force to another person, directly or indirectly. Assault can also take place simply through the threat or gesture that leads someone to believe assault is intended. A charge of aggravated assault is more serious one resulting in considerable injury.

If you’re charged with assault or aggravated assault, the consequences can be severe. Depending on the particular charges and various factors including how grave the injuries were and whether weapons were involved, you could be facing anywhere from 6 months to 14 years in jail.

Anyone facing an assault charge needs a skilled criminal lawyer to build a solid defence, because with a good defence, some better outcomes may be possible – for example, a dismissal of charges, a peace bond, a conditional discharge or perhaps probation.

Are there legitimate questions related to consent? Were you acting in self-defence, or defending property or another person? These are issues that the lawyers at Hutchison Law explores with any client accused of assault, with the goal of crafting a powerful defence.

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