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Sex Assault Defence

Sexual assault is a category of assault that involves unwanted actions of a sexual nature, and ranges from sexual intercourse to touching someone’s private body parts, fondling, or kissing. The threat of assault or attempted assault can also be considered forms of assault.

When determining whether an action was a sexual assault, two key factors are force and consent. Sexual assault charges can become more serious if the incident included the use or threat of a weapon, or if it caused life-threatening injuries.

Sex assault cases are complex because there are so many factors to consider, including the relationship of the parties, age/belief of age, consent/belief in consent, and whether drugs or alcohol were involved.

Sentences for sexual assault convictions tend to be quite severe, with mandatory jail sentences for some types of offences. Even if you are acquitted (found not guilty) in criminal court, you can be sued for sexual assault in civil court.

Needless to say, being accused of sexual assault is extremely stressful and the potential impact on your life and future is immense. Don’t try to navigate the system on your own. The lawyers at Hutchison Law have the experience and knowledge to prepare and deliver a vigorous defence on your behalf.

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